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About Us

The North Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association (NIMECA), with headquarters in Humboldt, Iowa, is a municipal joint action agency serving 13 municipal electric utilities located in the State of Iowa.

NIMECA was organized in 1965 to provide the most efficient and economical power available to its consumer-owned members. NIMECA serves as the agent for its members for the coordination of power supply, planning adequate power sources and delivery of such power.

The key benefit of belonging to NIMECA is to be a member of a Joint Action Agency. This means that NIMECA members cooperate together to achieve success in the operation of the organization and their own electric systems.

Other benefits include: Joint financing, consumer-owned, purchase and sale of capacity and energy among members, long-term planning, monthly billings, efficient use of energy, contract negotiations, advisory services, strength through numbers, group studies, legislative influence and MAPP membership.

NIMECA is also a member of Corn Belt Power Cooperative, a generation and transmission cooperative located in Humboldt, Iowa.

Corn Belt and NIMECA share transmission facilities, which results in cost savings to both NIMECA and Corn Belt consumers.